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Polypropylene filament Flat steel band (steel semi-finished rolled stock)

Polypropylene filament

Polypropylene filament is also called fishing line. Polypropylene filament is made of frost-resistant polypropylene by the extrusion method. As a rule the line is made from 1,5 to 3 mm in it’s diameter.

Polypropylene filament is used for stuffing side brushes and manufacturing of polypropylene ring brushes. Polypropylene filament is also used for manufacturing of cassette brushes for airfield sweepers and tufts (removable elements of side brushes). The length of polypropylene filament may be different. Standard length of line is from 450 mm to 700 mm.

Flat steel band (steel semi-finished rolled stock)

Steel semi-finished rolled stock is a steel spring band made of steel wire on a sophisticated technological equipment. It is manufactured from rolled high-carbon spring steel. Metal semi-finished rolled stock is used for stuffing the holes of side и band brushes. Steel spring band is semi-finished rolled stock is used for manufacturing of metal tufts which serve as removable elements for side brushes of multiple use.

Flat steel band

Thickness х wideness, mm length, мм
0,6 x 3 400
0,6 x 3 600
0,6 x 3 700

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