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Side brushes

Side brushes are designed for small sweepers of domestic and foreign production. Side brushes are used for sweeping any debris from the edge stone, sidewalks, railway platforms, technical areas, where cleaning with other brushes is ineffective or difficult. Side brushes consist of either one-piece construction plywood basement of various diameters with several lines of holes, either of the sectors (segments) of frost resistant, impact-proof, hardy polypropylene, that provides long lasting durability. Polypropylene filament or flat steel band semi-finished rolled stock made of high carbon spring steel are fixed in the hole of the brush. Combined packing of brush is available together with polypropylene filament and steel band.

Depending on the diameter, the basement of the side brush consisting of 2-5 lines is a structure that is fixed by bolts on the sweeper’s drive disk. Each sector of the side brush has three lines of conical shape holes, which are fixed in the tuft together with polypropylene filament or steel semi-finished rolled stock. Tuft - is the basement for filling different types of brushes. They serve as removable elements for side brushes of multiple use. Steel semi-finished rolled stock with section 0.5x3 mm is used as metal filament for side brush. At customer's request polypropylene filament, which is used for stuffing side brushes, may have section from 1,3 mm to 4,5mm. Tupsas have different lengths: from 27 cm to 35 cm

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