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Side, cassette, ring brushes for all types of sweepers. Steel semi-finished rolled stock, tufts and polypropylene filament —

Welcome to the world of modern manufacturing and sweeping technologies!

ATB Company specializes in manufacturing and sale of ring brushes made of metal and frost resistance polypropylene for the street sweeping, as well as in sweeping side and cassette brushes for high-speed airfield sweepers, such as DE-235, Boschung, Schmidt, Vammas, Overaasen and etc.

LLC (Limited liability company) ATB manufactures flat steel band (semi-finished rolled stock) and according to the customer's request and his designs can make side brush based on plywood or plastic, which stuffed with a semi-finished rolled stock or with polypropylene filament.

Metal tufts and belt brushes are another products of the company. Company management decided to move in two parallel directions concerned with manufacturing of the street sweeping ring brushes: manufacturing of full polypropylene ring brushes of different configurations, which have several advantages: the absence of additional spacer ring, stabile, reducing of possible falling to pieces, the possibility of further recycling.

Manufacturing of traditional rings with a metal mandrel (easy transportation).

Today ATB Company is the largest Russian manufacturer of ring and cassette brushes for airfield and street sweepers. All the products pass through the tests in the factory laboratory, as well as in the real work on the roads from Riga to Vladivostok and the Far North.

Special attention should be paid to the line production of cassette brushes. As a result of new developments its productivity is constantly growing. In the coming months LLC ATB plans to bring it to the 700-800 cassette brushes per day. Cassette brushes of our factory are the only patented in the Russian Federation.

LLC ATB has partners in different regions of the country, including CIS and far-abroad countries. Our company is open for dialogue with potential distributors and offers a flexible system of discounts. ATB Company has a vast experience in customs operations and a well-established logistics.


JSC «Stega», our dealer company in EU, took part in the exhibition «Inter Airport Europe 2011» in Munich.


ATB LLC started production of polypropylene and metal ring brushes with spacer ring for communal and airfield sweeping machines.


Polypropylene ring brushes and flat steel band (steel semi-finished rolled stock) production line launched.


Manufacturing moved to p.Povarovo.


ATB LLC has acquired manufacturing facilities in p.Povarovo (Solnechnogorsk rn)..


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